Baltic Food Factory
From our kitchen to Yours...


The basic strategy of Baltic Food Factory is to ensure the highest quality in any price segment. Latvian gold is agriculture and farms with whom we have been working very closely for a long time. Baltic Food Factory produces 97% of its products from vegetables, fruits and herbs grown in Latvia. This kind way of thinking has made it possible to get local quality certificates as the “Bordo karotīte” and “ Zaļā karotīte” more here:

We care what you eat

It is very important to point out that more than 95% of our products are made using pasteurization method and do not contain any preservatives. Pasteurization is a method of heat treatment and preservation of foods - the product is heated and maintained at a certain temperature, at which microorganisms die, reducing food spoilage and extending its shelf life. Our delicious products are proper meal as for adults as for children.

Main product groups

The company offers quite wide range of canned food, which currently, has been categorized into 4 main groups.

  • Soups and fast meals
  • Salads and pickled vegetables
  • Jams, juices and compotes
  • Sauces, horseradish and mustard